Graduation and NWA

03 June 2017

We went to Fayetteville a few weeks back for my brother-in-laws college graduation. Congratulations DALLAS!!! He is now a master mechanical engineer. I added the "master" part myself. :) 

We started the celebration off Friday night with a trip to Doe's. I couldn't resist taking this picture of Brian and his brothers sitting on saddles. 

I was really surprised at how many kids graduated from the college of engineering. There were so many! 

I'm really only posting this one because I love how happy Brian looks.  

Brian and I stayed with my grandparents in Tontitown and enjoyed getting to visit with them some. We grilled out Saturday night-- well, they grilled-- I napped on the couch. They did an excellent job because I ate it all :). We also got to celebrate Mother's Day with grandma. 

Before we left Sunday morning, we grabbed brunch with Scott and Holly. So little time but we got so much done! We even started preliminary talks about our 2018 overseas trip :) WOO WOO. 

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