Trip to D.C.

20 June 2017

A couple weeks ago I went to Washington D.C. for my final Delta Leadership Institute Executive Academy session. The academy actually ends with graduation in Kentucky in August but since I'll be 36 weeks pregnant then, we think it's best for me to stay close to home, my doctor and my hospital :) 

We had a jam packed schedule for the 4 days-- lots of tours, break out sessions and a full day of congressional visits with the Arkansas delegation.  

Leaving our meeting at the While House. Picture above is of the entrance of the West Wing. 

I don't know if I can express to you how exhausted my pregnant feet were this whole trip. I skipped dinner with friends before our nighttime capitol tour to order room service and rest. I got back to my room, turned on the nightly news and remembered that my old coworker and friend was now at a station in D.C. I text her, "Hey! I'm in D.C. What station are you on and what time is your report tonight?" Immediately when I hit send-- there she was! Awesome as usual! 

SO... Capitol Tour. Congressman Westerman offered to take our group on a night tour of the Capitol. I've done a tour of the Capitol before but I heard from my boss how awesome this one is. Since he's a member, he can take us places the other tours don't go. And it's given by him. It actually lasted 2.5 hours and was really neat! 

Old Senate Chambers

 Washington Monument from the Speaker's Balcony. The Air Force band was actually playing a concert below. So cool! 

 Arkansas delegation with Congressman Westerman on the Speaker's Balcony. 

Panoramic from the top

DLI also lined up this really cool "Monuments by Night" tour for anyone who wanted to go. Our group participated and it was really neat! I snapped the following on the tour from the trolley :)

 My friend, Adam, took the one above. His phone died so I loaned out mine-- I should have let him have it all night cause his pictures were awesome! He also took the very first photo in this post. 

It was a great, busy trip-- but I was (and my feet) were so happy to be home! :) 

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