13 September 2017

Back in early July I posted a flipagram for our 6th Anniversary. I know dating anniversaries don't count but I don't really care. :) It was fun to go back and look at the last 6 years worth of pictures. 

I picked some that I don't think that ever seen anything but my IPhone. I didn't even remember taking some of these! But the flip was so quick! So I figured for our 3rd REAL Wedding Anniversary I would post them separately. And I'm typing this on September 10th and scheduling this post because who knows, we could be in the hospital. September 13th is our due date after all :) 

So HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to my dear, wonderful husband who will probably never read this. I love you more every single day. 

Steps of the MET, NYC, March 2015

Wynne Football Game, Fall 2011

Las Vegas, January 2017

Amsterdam, August 2016

New Years Eve, December 2012

Laura and Stephen's Engagement, Fall 2011

Laura and Stephen's Wedding, August 2012

Football Season 2012 

Closing Day!! September 2016

Easter 2016

Dallas High School Graduation, May 2013

Nashville Predators Game, December 2011

Seth's Wedding, Summer 2013

Destin, Summer 2012

Destin, Summer 2012-- i think! 

We bought a house! Inspection Day, September 2016

I have no idea when this was but I know we were watching an IMax movie. 

Wendy and Daniel's Wedding, November 2013

We're Engaged!! December 1, 2013

We found some random stash of Oregon gear at my parents house? Thanksgiving 2015

September 2014

We're married!! September 13, 2014

And again, still married. 

Brian's 10 year reunion. October 2014

Christmas... one year. Maybe 2014?

Cheers to us, BJ! Love you today, tomorrow and for the next 103 years. But after that, my love runs out. Haha, kidding!! Happy Anniversary!! 

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