Stair Renovation WIN!

25 February 2017

Raise your hand if you think this is hideous?! WHY? Why would anyone do this? At least pick out a better carpet, a runner even. I don't understand something this ugly. 

When we were house shopping, we fell in love with our house during the first walk-through. Least favorite part? The stairs to the downstairs. The hallway had a (not pictured, sadly) horrible florescent light fixture that was so far out of date. And what's worse.. it needed a new ballast so it took about 10 minutes to get bright. C'mon guys-- fix these things before putting your house on the market! 

But-- I could see the vision. I got online and researched pulling up carpet and replacing wood steps, etc, etc, etc. So I was ready. We went back the same night to look again and I saw a little crack where it looked like the carpet was coming up. So I pulled a little and it pulled right up without tearing anything apart. And what did I find?! HARDWOOD FREAKING FLOORS! 

Again, WHY?! Why would you cover beautiful hardwood floors with this nasty stuff?! I hate carpet. It's disgusting. And typing this, I'm having flashbacks to the day we started this project. Just the weekend after we moved in. It was a hard week living with that ugly carpet. 

The only thing wrong with these stairs are the holes they made to install carpet. I'm sure there was a reason, let's hope. I will never understand. 

We read a few tutorials before starting and I was prepared for the worst. I just knew some of the stairs would be in horrible condition and we would have to replace them completely. But we got lucky. We bought a "Cat's paw" (I think is what it's called) from our local hardware store and spent the day yanking, pulling and removing. SO. MANY. STAPLES. My hand was sore for a week! But the result... so worth it. 

Just look at the dirt left behind after carpet. Don't do it guys! We had to do a lot of sanding and painting-- Brian even hung my new light fixture. Which I was totally worried would not work but I LOVE! 

This is the next day result-- minus the caulking we needed to do. But WOW, the transformation. It makes me so happy now. We've even hung some travel photos down the stairwell. Pulling the carpet up has changed the space completely. Oh and no more florescent light fixtures! Win! 

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