Kate's 1st Month

27 December 2017

This sweet girl cooperated perfectly for 1 month old pictures! She even threw her hands in the air to celebrate! I love this little picture of Kate. That outfit was so soft and sweet. She looks so good in pale pink. And the blanket she's laying on was Brian's when he was a baby. I love this picture! 

I just quickly snapped this picture one day while Kate was in her swing. I really love it now. I think it captures her sweet little personality so well. 

Kate made this face the first few weeks of her life and I LOVED it. I'm so sad now looking back on these photos since she doesn't do it anymore. 

Always busting out so we swaddled her with one arm out. She is so crazy about that one arm! 

Tummy time turned nap time. 

Sweet little girl snoozing. 

She's so little!! She takes up so much more room in her Pello now! 

One of my favorite sights. Kate napping on her daddy. Those lips!! 

Our first walk through the neighborhood. She's so curious on walks. 

This picture always makes me laugh! 

This one too. Love this selfie of my dad and Kate. 

This is one of my favorites!! Brian snapped this of Kate only a couple days old. I love it! Sweet sweet little Kate. 

You are such a sweet little girl. We had a difficult time figuring you out at first but now we know what each cry means! You sleep great through the night, waking to eat perfectly on schedule. You are hungry and sleepy and want to be held always! You don't hate bath time and you aren't so sure about this paci we keep cramming in your mouth. You grow so much every time we go in for a check up and you get great reports from the doctor each time. Mommy and Daddy love you so much and seriously can't get enough of your precious little face! 


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