Kate - Month 2

28 December 2017

Same Kate, same. This is usually how I feel about getting my picture taken. Since Kate looks exactly like her daddy, I will say she got this from me. Except Brian probably hates pictures more than both of us combined! But that's not what this post is about. It's about Kate's 2nd month!!

Kate's second month brought her first smile and a much more alert baby! She's so fun. Always moving and figuring out this whole outside-of-the-womb life. She still gets fussy when she's sleepy or hungry and we're lucky she sleeps well during the night! Still up often but we're going longer stretches-- I think we even hit a 6 hour stretch between feedings! You go Kate!  Here are some of my favorite pictures from the month. 

I love those little cloud knees! 

Chilly day walk through the neighborhood. Cutie pie! 

Happy Halloween from Kitty Kate!! 

Sweet girl! I love this photo for so many reasons. What is that face? It looks like she is dancing. I have all these dresses from when I was a baby. I was born in May so I had plenty of time to wear warm weather clothes. Kate doesn't. So I've been just putting them on her to grab a picture. This is one of my vintage Feltman Brothers dresses. She has on her sweet little "Kate Alexandra" shoes. You can see one of them in this photo. 

I love this picture. She's not looking at the camera but she's so precious in this one. Those lips! 

The books say there is no reason to use a mobile until 6 months because baby doesn't know it's there. LIES. This baby loves her mobile and stares at it constantly! 

This picture is here for 2 reasons... 1 because she's precious while she's sleeping. Look at that face!! 2 to show how this sweet child will not lay on me without holding my hair. Even if it's only a few strands. 

Must pull hair out the way before Kate sleeps. This picture is here to remind me of these sweet moments. I might have bags the size of Texas under my eyes but these moments are precious and I will miss them someday. 

I die over this picture. I love this picture. The hand, the LIPS, the cheeks. Give me more of this adorable girl! 

Awe sweet soft smile from baby Brian. 

Kate made an appearance at the Hale Family Reunion. Spoiler-- she was a huge hit! 

Kate's 1st trip to Target! Target sent us this onesie after Kate was born, I assume because I registered there, with a sweet card. They suggested she wear it on her first #targetrun.. so that's what we did! 

We took a trip to NWA to see my grandparents in Tontitown. I love the way Nonno and Kate are looking at each other in this picture. Such a sweet picture. 

Kate playing with her favorite friend. 

Kate and Gia. So sweet!! 

Grandma and Kate. Love these two! 

Party animal!! :) 

Another one of Nonno and Kate. Love this one too. Look at the sweet smile!! 

Kate's 2 month birthday! Daddy started a new job this week so we grabbed lunch, picked him up and lunched in front of the Clinton Library. Love these 2 :) 

Month 2 in the books. You just get more fun as the days go by. We are so blessed to have this precious little girl in our lives. She brings us so much joy! She got her shots this month and handled them well. I think they are much worse for mom. You really enjoy baths and you love getting diaper changed. You do the cutest little jig before, during and after. We could eat you up, everything you do is the cutest. Love you sweet girl! 


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