Happiness in a bowl

02 January 2017

Happiness in a bowl... obviously I'm talking about Chicken and Dumplings. I use to tell people, if I had to pick one last meal on this earth, it would be chicken and dumplings, a cucumber (let's be honest, maybe 2) and some chocolate crinkle cookies. I understand these DO NOT go together but my point is, I LOVE dumplings!!! 

When we were in college Tara's mom would make them for us and they are some of the best I've ever had. One wonderful day, she gave me the recipe and the rest is history. I crave these things in the fall and winter but I haven't made them in a really long time. 

So last month I found out a place semi-close to our office serves them HOMEMADE!!! But only on Wednesday. So we waited.. until a free Wednesday and then BAM!!! And guess what? All. You. Can. Eat. I'll be back!! And this is my fellow dumpling loving coworker and friend, Jennifer-->

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