Emily's BIG Girl Room

29 March 2021

Hello! And welcome to Emily's BIG girl room which is very similar to Kate's old big girl room AND Emily's baby room. It's finished for now but I know I'll make edits as her little personality continues to develop. I think that's the most fun! I wanted to keep it bright and fun for now because that's so totally Emmy! 

This area is still pretty much the same as it was before. We kept the nugget in here for reading and play. I changed out the curtains and added Emmy's-- I still love these! The swiss dot and pop of vintage yellow trim makes me so happy! I added a cute little rainbow on the top of the frame for fun and sunshine :) 

I kept the house bed but painted it a faint shade of pink. Which I think is a fun little upgrade. I ordered this adorable sign with her name from this adorable UK based shop. I love it and it's so precious up close! I moved around some of her pictures but kept the "Now I lay me down to sleep" prayer in here-- both girls have them! I also added this fun rainbow duvet from H&M but haven't quite decided if it's staying or not. AND of course, bun (bunny) is never far away! :) 

I've always loved her big huge initials! So they had to come with her. I wasn't quite sure where to put them because there is not near as much wall space in this room. I went ahead and put them above the bed-- you've got to have these high enough or she will pull them down. 

The princess pictures were a total afterthought. I actually got these for Kate's room. Emily would not leave Rapunzel alone. She kept going in there and trying to take it off the wall, she would go wave and talk to "Punz." And all these adorable and kind of sad things. So one night Brian grabbed the one from Kate's room and put it in Emily's. Of course Kate got upset so when she went to sleep, we grabbed it back and hung it up in Kate's room. Emily was so mad! Finally Kate told me that she would give Emily her Rapunzel if we got her Sleeping Beauty. It looked funny to just hang one, so I printed Cinderella for Emmy too. For the first week or so she talked to both of them and waved hi and bye. It's adorable!! I got the prints from ETSY and printed them myself. 

The LOVE knitted word I actually ordered on ETSY too but it came from Russia! And looks fantastic. I found some of the neatest accents for these girls room via Instagram. 

Moving to the closet. Because if you've visited here much, you know I'm all about decorating the closets too. And these bow holders are one of my favorites. I actually saw these highlighted on our bow subscription instagram. I ordered both girls a set for their room from ETSY

The closet is much like it was before. Cute bins holding bows, socks, shoes, books, etc. Adorable little bow decals on the back wall.. still love those! Also still super in love with Emily's rug. That was probably my favorite find for her nursery. 

Emily's room is fun and colorful-- just like our girl! I love the rainbows and pops of her personality working into the room. I know I'll end up making all sorts of edits in the coming years but I love where we've landed. She loves her bed, even though she only uses about 1/8th of it, and she loves cuddling up each night on the nugget and reading books! A fun place to make some special memories. 


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