A Really Great Weekend: Superbowl Style

14 March 2021

I love when I don't want the weekend to end. I love those weekends where I lay in bed on Sunday night thinking, that was a really great few days. And that's how superbowl weekend was for us. Not because of the game, because we didn't watch that! But just because we had so much fun with the girls. 

Somedays Emmy looks so stinking adorable that I just want to grab her cheeks and take her picture and give her so many kisses. JK that's everyday. 

Friday night lounging and and tv watching with the girls. In our PJs, probably watching Brave or Moana. I love when they sandwich me and cuddle on the couch. 

Emily might be my spirit animal. She is the queen of chillaxing. And she does it so well! She usually has bunny tucked between her legs and her thumb in her mouth. 

Then she moves on to humans and passes out. She's been doing this a lot lately. I don't know if it's were too boring or she just loves her sleep. Possibly a little of both. 

We opted for a super healthy super bowl meal. Chili dogs and cheese dip.. cause why not! Finished it off with ice cream which Kate loved! 

The best part had to be Sunday night when the girls started playing with each other. Emily would sit in Kate's lap, Kate would play with Emily's hair, Emmy even tried to trim Kate's toenails?! I love watching them play together in the small moments. They laughed so much! 

We let them stay up for the halftime show and they put on a show of their own. I wish this picture was a live photo cause their moves were on point! Sweet moments with our girls make my heart so full. Love them and slow weekends so much!!! xoxo

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