Guest Bath: Upgrade AGAIN

26 March 2021

I swear the week after I blogged about refreshing our guest bathroom (HERE) I started changing things again. And it's taken me forever, not quite sure that I'm actually done but it's probably 75% done sooo what the heck, I'll update this post. 

A couple starters: if I had unlimited funds, I would completely gut this bathroom and redo it. That tile is absolutely terrible. I hate it and there is way too much of it. Why is it necessary to tile these walls? I just hate it. But.. I'm not going to be here forever and I'm not going to spend the money necessary to make this the bathroom of my dreams. So here we are. 

I made some edits here and there to make this a better looking and more functional space for our family. I felt like it needed white to keep it bright and open and take the eye away from that hideous tile. I also wanted to add the boldness of black to distract. 

Do you know how hard it is to find a matte black toilet paper holder that lines up perfectly with the holes already made in that tile? It's impossible. Which is why we still have a silver holder. Plus.. all these new toilet paper holders have built in cell phone holders. Weeeird. 

In my last post, I talked about how high the mirror was, I even lowered it when we moved it and it was still hard to see yourself. Or myself. So the mirror was my first switch. I grabbed a round mirror and had it overlap the tile and it's so much better. Even my 3 year old can see herself now. I also switched out the towel holder for a matte black- HERE. I can't find the cute little hand towel now but I bought it from Target. 

I quickly removed the old, pointless towel bar that was hanging over the toilet. We've always lacked space in this bathroom so I grabbed a shelf HERE to hold all our goods. 

I mixed in some black and white accessories to keep up the theme of the room. I also wanted some green for an accent. So I went with plants. After killing a few, I've now replaced with all faux. I love the little POWDER ROOM sign above the shelf. That was a target find. Most of the accessories actually are from Target. 

I added the little POLKA DOTS to the back wall for a fun and youthful pop since this is the girls bathroom. Some accents of light pink too in the art and other towels. 

Another plant on the back wall-- I loved this ORB PANT HOLDER that I found. Still haven't found the best faux plant for it yet. I want something that hangs. I made the valance and still don't like the fabric. Currently still searching for the perfect fit. The garden stool is old but I bought it from Magnolia Market. We've added a stool for the kiddos to wash and brush. 

All in all, I think it's better than it was. I'm sure I'll make 75 more edits in the coming months. But that's what keeps it fun. It is nice to know you can change up and rearrange to make it feel fresh and cute. I'll do anything to take away from that terrible tile. 


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