ECEP Fall Fun Week

11 January 2021

Now that I'm FINALLY putting this post toegther, I'm realizing I took so many pictures from Fall Fun Week this past year. It's also so much fun to dress these girls up for school and this year, Kate got really excited about it. Her teachers sent us daily pictures the entire week and I LOVED it! 

The first day was mismatched day which always gives me more problems than I anticipate. I'm so invested in making them look adorable each day, it's really hard to just let it go. Kate helped with her outfit which made it a little easier. 

The only picture I got of Emily all day. She won't slow down long enough for a snap. 

The next day was either pajama, disney or superhero day. I can't remember the order so I'll just group them together! Emily wore a Minnie Mouse dress and Kate went as Rapunzel. Since we already had the dresses! 

Seriously I don't know how her teacher does this. 

The cutest princesses I've ever seen! 

Disney day was complete with Mickey and Minnie shoes on the wrong feet! 

Pajama day and pigtails for Kate's sweet little friends! 

Kate really could have done disney day all week-- Rapunzel, disney princess pjs and then she went as Elsa for Halloween. 

Emily in hearts because she's such a sweetheart! 

Superhero day threw me a curveball. The night before I couldn't find the girls capes from the year before. Could only find one and not enough fabric to make a new one to match the one I had. So I went through all my supplies, cut up a dress and made new capes. Thank goodness Super Kate and Super Emily have capes to last them the next couple years now! If I can only keep up with them.... 

I got very lucky to find black checked outfits in both of their closets. Cause I really wasn't sure what they would wear under these capes. And I LOVE this picture of them running into each other in the gym. Sweet sisters and kisses! 

And finally we arrive at Halloween. Which was actually the day prior to Halloween this year. If you noticed the first picture of this post, the girls went as Anna and Elsa. I love that first picture because they took Olaf to school with them and set him up for the picture!! So stinkin sweet. 

I intended to make Emmy and Anna cape but never did. Which is good because I don't think she would have tolerated it AT ALL. 

These pictures are so out of order. But I love this little snap of the girls watching some of Frozen before going to school. You know, to get in character ;) 

The school usually has a big indoor carnival where the kids can trick or treat, it's so much fun! Due to COVID they didn't have it so I'm glad the girls still had fun parties in their classrooms. This is Kate with her little girl gang :) 

This picture makes me laugh for a few reasons. The day prior to this picture, I took my boss to pick up her car at the shop. She asked about the little gopher because it was in my front seat. I told her how handy it came in when kiddos dropped something that I couldn't reach. The next morning, Kate dropped Olaf on the way to school and was just dramatically sick about it. Hello gopher, thanks for your help! I had to snap a picture and send it to my boss. 

My sweet girls had the best week celebrating at school. And I LOVED all the HiMama messages with pictures of our precious babes! XOXO

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