Christmas Day 2020

20 January 2021

Christmas has always been wonderful but it's becoming so much more fun through these adorable kiddos. We celebrated Christmas Eve and morning in El Dorado and then all over again when we made it back to Little Rock in the afternoon. The kids had such a great time and we loved celebrating and watching the magic through their eyes. 

Before we left for El Dorado, I set up all the presents and stockings so when we got back it looked like Santa had been there. Emily was actually home with me, I had to take her to a well child appointment before we left. But she was in the other room watching Tangled so I went for it. 

All was good until she came looking for me and found one of their presents from Santa. She spent the next 20 minutes playing with this dollhouse and it honestly made me so happy that she loved it. Plus, she's too young to realize it was suppose to be from Santa ;)

When we got back to Little Rock in the afternoon, the kids ran in and were so excited! More presents to open. It was so much fun! Kate's face to everything she opened was priceless! 

One of Emily's teachers gave me this recommendation. She said that Emily loved these little soft people in their classroom. She was so excited when she opened these. She loves the chef the most, gave him a kiss upon opening. She carried him around for days and just kept saying, "chef." We're really creative with names around our house.  

Kate picked these out when I took her shopping for Emily's Christmas present at the Toggery a few weeks before Christmas. I'm still shocked we made it out of there without them. I asked Kate to give them to the lady at the cash register and she would tell Santa that Kate wanted them. Which worked! She has slept with these dolls every single day since Christmas and they go everywhere with us! 

This is literally the best kind of mess!!! I love it :)

The dress and the doll that won Christmas. She seriously wore this for three days straight until I made her take it off. Which was after she fractured her arm and had to go to the doctor. The picture below make me laugh so hard. I really wish you could see the live photo on this one. So good. 

I really loved our little family Christmas this year. It was so fun watching the girls open their gifts from Santa. And the excitement to come home to more gifts. Christmas is so beautiful through our children. I am already looking forward to celebrating this holiday with them in the future. xoxo

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