Halloween School Gifts

10 January 2021


I really loved Kate's little Halloween gift for all her friends this year. I know I say this every single year but I thought this was super cute. 

If you know me at all, you know I love the target dollar section. I found these months before Halloween and bought so many pack of glow bracelets. I knew I would use them for something school related. 

As October came close, I searched Pinterest like I usually do for these type of projects. I found some really cute pintables, I thought about making one myself, but then I stumbled upon the one I used. They had a free version but you couldn't edit, I ended up spending $5 on Etsy for the the editable version. You can find it HERE

I ended up stuffing them with give glow sticks each, I put a little piece of tape across the back to hold them in and include the connectors so they kiddos could make bracelets. They turned out adorable and Kate was super 'cited to give them to friends.

Emily copied what Kate did a couple years ago, which I don't think I ever posted. I made a pouch pumpkin and it's seriously cute too :) 

I ordered these little CUT OUT PUMPKINS from Amazon, added a green pipe cleaner and tied it to a pouch and BAM. This year I even found adorable Halloween GoGo Squeeze pouches from Target. I had to order them for shipping and I can't find any now but they were perfect! 


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