End of ECEP

07 January 2024

It's crazy to think it was our last day at ECEP! Kate started when she was 11 months old and Emmy as as 12 week old baby. So since 2018... wild!! Kate went back for summer care so she got to see her old friends and teachers. Emily was not looking forward to leaving Rocket Room! It's been her favorite thing ever!!! 

And Mrs. Mary has been so lovely and wonderful for both of our girls! She's truly the best!! 

Love these class pictures. Looks like they did a shuffle and Emmy and June ended up by each other in the next one :) 

Love how they always make these parties special and fun for the kids! 

 Picture on her last day ---> refer to first day picture HERE! Her hair is so much longer and she looks so much older!!! XOXOX 

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