A Very COVID Thanksgiving

14 January 2021

We planned to spend Thanksgiving in El Dorado this year. The day before we were scheduled to leave, my parents found out they had been exposed to someone who tested positive for COVID. Like many things this year, we quickly changed our plans... and immediately put in a grocery order pickup and (prayed) we would get some of it fulfilled. Partially joking. 

We got most everything and planned a highly non-traditional Thanksgiving meal. Eggs benedict for brunch and chili for dinner. Both were excellent btw. And that picture is making me hungry and long for fall. Brian has been brining home fresh flowers for his girls over the past few months and I love it! 

Emmy grew up overnight and now crawls up in her chair and just waits for us to give her food. She's a funny little girl. 

We laid around on Thanksgiving, played and did some Christmas decorating. Oh.. and kept toasty by our perfect fire! 

Kate and I baked cookies because I think that's her favorite thing to do. I intended to make funfetti cupcakes but our icing wasn't fulfilled. Or so I thought. I found it rolling around under one of Brian's seats while I was unloading the car from Christmas. Oops! 

Egg free so sister can enjoy them too. Funfetti cookies are a new fav around our house! 

The day after Thanksgiving, we took our (now) annual trip to get our Christmas tree. And picked out the most beautiful one. I really think it's our best yet. No huge but perfect shape. So pretty! 

This is seriously one of my favorite views this time of year. The lights are so pretty. I'm always a little sad when it all comes down. Our house looked so nice this year. I know I'm partial but it was festive and beautiful. 

Our friends Jared, Erin, Lucy and Hank came by to visit on Saturday. We had such a good time catching up and the kids had so much fun together! Lucy had the best time playing with Brian, I love the picture from above. Everyone missed their afternoon nap which resulted in the picture below-- at around 5:00. Sweet girls and precious sisters. 

Despite shifting our plans and staying home, we had a great time together and it will be a Thanksgiving that we all remember! XOXO


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