Toddler Recipe: Sweet Potato Quick Pancakes

27 January 2021

We're in that really frustrating/annoying/impossible phase of toddler food where Kate only likes muffins, pancakes, crackers, bread, etc, etc. She never wants anything besides "lunchable" for every single meal. And most of the times she only wants to eat the oreos. I've actually never seen her eat the "chicken." It's frustrating!!!!

So on nights she actually tells me what she wants and it's something beside lunchable, I try to accommodate. One night last week she asked for pancakes. So I grabbed my whole grain, high protein pancake mix and went to work. Except she wasn't watching me, so I added pureed sweet potatoes and a little milk to mix. It worked and she loved it! 

Pancake mix of choice (I've been using this)
pureed vegetable (I went with sweet potatoes) 
cinnamon, if desired
sometimes I add a little protein powder

She ate them up and I didn't feel like a terrible parent :) Enjoy! xoxo


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