Halloween Fun

12 December 2022

We had, what felt like weeks worth of Halloween fun! School parties, church parties, birthday parties and plenty of trick of treating! It was a fun couple weeks and I just always love October! 

The picture above is of the girls at our church festival. So fun! The one below is from Kate's PJ day at school. Love those sweet little pink glow PJs! And never without the pearls, of course. 

Kate's school fall festival was up first. It was so cute! Lots of fun activities and each little class did a different game or fun thing going on in each classroom. Kate's room had the disco party--below! I love how happy these girls were in there! And the second picture of Emmy is just precious, that drum! Haha! 

One room had face painting-- all teachers and parent volunteers-- it was so fun! They even had a bounce house in one of the classrooms. So many people! I helped with getting the food and helped with the silent auction. They made so much money that night. It was awesome! And fun :) 

Over the weekend, Kate went to Aiden's birthday party. Brian and I were sick and didn't make it, she refused to wear a costume but had a fun time with friends! 

And then the picture above was from the party at church. Emmy refused to wear a costume every single day except on actual halloween. Which still shocked me. I assumed she would refuse again this year. 

Emmy's class on Halloween. So cute! 

I picked up Kate early from school and took her to my office for our little party. My goodness, she thought it was so cool and so fun. She got to trick-or-treat though all the divisions and got so much candy! 

We made it to ECEP just in time for the halloween parade and caught our girl in her dress and heels. 

Then trck-or-treating in the gym with these silly kiddos! That's June and Emily in cause you couldn't tell. Kate loved seeing all her old friends and teachers. They are soo good to our girls! 

Juney bug and Emmy--always together! 

Then it was trick-or-treating in the neighborhood, first stop was our next door neighbors house. I was shocked at how many people had their lights on this year. We only hit two streets and had great success! The girls enjoyed themselves and loved every minute of it-- which was all we wanted! 

This has to be one of their favorite holidays! They loved it and begged for that candy for at least a month after. Love to see these things through their eyes. XOXO

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