Kate's 6th Birthday!!

16 January 2024

Our little girl turned SIX!! And had the best time at her Dolly Parton themed gymnastics party! It was the perfect place for a fun celebration. 

We started the day by going to Annie's party at her house. She basically had an entire petting zoo in her backyard! 

And you could take pony rides! SO fun! 

The original gang from ECEP! Love this! 

Then in the afternoon we had Kate's party! 

The pit was a hit! Brian jumped in and it was one massive dogpile on daddy! 

Love these little goody cups we made for the party! 

Lauren, Josh, Rosemary and Lucy came in for the party. They had a fun, creative morning the next day. I didn't feel great so I was in bed while they did alllll the art, had lunch at All Aboard and then went to the Museum of Discovery! 

And then this is when I get super blurry. I can't remember if the next pics are from this visit of the next. They ended up coming back to back for Mamaw's funeral not long after the party. Got a couple sweet ones of the girls playing with Lucy and then holding her before school! We love when cousins come to visit! 

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