First Day of School 2023

09 January 2024

Back to school was so fun this year! So many sweet memories made and so fun to do all this with the Cherry kids! Major props to Michelle for getting the sweetest pictures of the kids before school! 

The morning started with a donut delivery from the Cherry kiddos too. So much fun! The girls were thrilled. I love that Emmy is still carrying around her puppy she got at Whit's party over the weekend. 

Love this! Can't wait to make them take this each year until graduation. Then I'll slap it next to their baby picture together. AWE! 

Love this! Emily never will let me take her picture and when she does, most of the time won't smile. Perfect! And she wants to be a... "Mommy and a chief of staff!!" 

I got Kate this sweet little bracelet that had a poem for her first day. She loved it. Emily got mad. Emily would never wear one anyway! 

Unclear why this is the way I chose to pose. 

Gotta take this shot every single year!!! 

And then quite possibly the most memorable moment of the day. Dropped Emmy. She did great, so excited about her room. Started playing immediately. We had a note to stop by and see the nurse. I assumed it was because Emily hasn't had her shots yet but was scheduled two weeks later, which I confirmed was OK. Well... it wasn't. We had to go back and get Emmy and leave until she had shots. Emily was so confused and not really that happy. We started calling clinics and finally my good buddy, Secretary Mallory at the health department got us in with the sweetest lady at the NLR health department. Emily was back at school by 10am and unphased by the entire thing. So word to the wise, get your shots before school starts! XOXO


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