4th of July 2023

05 January 2024

Raise your hand if you love the 4th of July?! All hands raised over here!! This is our... I've lost track... year to spend with the Lar family in Rogers. The kids love this holiday probably as much as the adults at this point! 

I was thinking we spent time with Brian's family first and the the Lars but now I'm thinking I have that backwards so who knows.... we did both! The girls met their new cousin, Colette, for the first time and loved spending time with her. They love babies! 

Had lots of fun at the park-- before it got too hot and too crowded! 

Naps and more play with cousins! 

Pool time with Ethan. And funny thing-- someone (me) helped Kate put her swimsuit on and it ended up backwards. Her little toosh is kind of out and about but she didn't seem to realize or mind. The girls have made massive strides in the pool this year! I'm so proud of them. 

Then it was time for fireworks! Everyone loves Mr. Scott's fireworks! 

Our now traditional picture of the kids! Love hanging out with this fun family! 

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