Emmy's 4th Birthday!

04 January 2024

Emily turned FOUR!! We had an early celebration for her the weekend before her actual birthday. It was so much fun! I still think of her as a partial COVID baby so she hasn't really had a big blowout with all of her friends there. She LOVED it!! And it was so much fun for all. 
So many of our friends and family showed up. It was a really fun day! This is the girls before we left for the party. So excited and ready to take their babies to play. 

Emmy and her friend Nora. Who has now moved to Paris and she tells me all the time that she misses her! 

The bounce house and this disc swing was a massive hit! Still kind of surprised no one got knocked out with it. 

I love this picture! Emily looks so serious yet so zoned in on those candles and the icing!

Surrounded by her besties. Love this! 

Kate and Hayden

Little besties!

Braylee, Kate and Annie

Meeting cousin John

sweetest 2nd cousins 

Family lunch at David's Burgers after. Was a massive hit with both girls! They now ask to go allll the time. 

My sweetie. After we got home, playing with her new barbie. Love this picture for so many reasons. And really so many good memories on this balcony.

Then Emmy's actual birthday! We got her a barbie jeep but had to hide it at my office. We didn't have room in our condo-- or a place to hide it. And we moved a couple days later. So we took her to my office and surprised her. It was also nice to have an empty parking lot to go joy riding. She ended up letting Kate drive. Actually, come to think of it, I think Kate always drives. 

Birthday cake and candles! What a fun celebration! We love you Emmy baby and love celebrating your life. You bring so much joy and laughter in our lives and we LOVE YOU! 

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