Fall Soccer 23

12 January 2024

Both the girls played soccer this past fall and it was a hit! We signed them both up thinking they would be playing at the same places on the same days. Totally wrong. Showed up for the first practice and couldn't find Emily's team. Turns out we were at the wrong place. So I ran down to Riverdale to take Emmy and left Brian and Kate at Murray Park. When we picked them up, Brian was the assistant coach. 
Which was fun but not fun. Kate and Brian could never attend any of Emmy's games. Except the one she had on a Tuesday. I took lots of videos for him and we got to attend two of Kate's games! It was fun to see the girls grow and learn a lot about the game in the couple months. We're looking forward to spring soccer! 

After her first game 

Last game picture. Missing a few! 

First practice. Hard to focus! 

Kate's last game was rescheduled and I had bunco. So Brian had both girls and I guess Emmy decided she was going to get in the picture! Way to go Coach Brian and Coach Chris! XOXO


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