Halloween 2023

15 January 2024

I feel like we celebrated Halloween like seven-hundred times this year. And there were so many events before the actual day! Which was fun and the girls loved it! Brian and I actually dressed up this year and went to a party too. Who are we?!

It was so fun. Complete with a craps table and everything. The theme was cowboys and aliens. I was assured that you didn't have to dress the theme. Until we showed up as Zack and Kelly and everyone else was.... you guessed it, cowboys and aliens. 

My office always has a trick or treat event. Kate came with me last year and loved it! Begged to do it again so I grabbed both girls this year and they had a blast-- very spooky! 

That night, we were invited to our neighborhood halloween get-together hosted by one family. They had chili and hot dogs, a hayride, so much fun! 

Kate found her friend Betty, who she also goes to school with and plays on the same soccer team. 

We ended up trick-or-treating with Betty and her parents. So much fun! The girls loved that our little neighbor dressed up in this suit!! 

And Mr. Ben in his costume. 

Can't wait until next year! Love this neighborhood so much!! 


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