Fourth of July 2021

24 July 2021

We had such a great July 4th weekend, I couldn't include it all in one post! We left Little Rock after the kiddos SCHOOL PARADE and went to NWA to see family and friends. Brian's brother David and his wife Amanda had a baby last month so we were super excited about this visit! 

When we got to Lowell, the kiddos immediately started playing. How is it that anyone and everyone's toys are way better than your own?! Kate has talked about this guitar since the last time we were at Kai's house. 

We ordered pizza for dinner and it was so sweet to see the cousins sitting together. If you look close, you can see baby Camden made the cousin picture too :) 

Next it was outside to jump because bedtimes do not matter when your with your family, right?! Or on holidays?! Emmy wasn't very into the trampoline but she was VERY obsessed with baby Camden. Once Uncle David told her to give baby Camden a kiss, she was all over that sweet baby! And she was so happy! 

We took a break from staring at baby Camden to shoot off some fireworks. I was shocked that the girls both participated. Kate was more excited than Emily, in a very strange turn of events. They had so much fun doing bottle rockets and sparklers. I was nervous at first then just enjoyed watching how excited they were. 

Emily finally got all her hands on baby Camden and I didn't think she was going to let him go. I love how serious her face is above. And how she's just staring below. I think it's so precious how much she loves little babies. 

The next morning the kiddos were up early and ready to play! Kate loved this little power wheels, Emily didn't really want much to do with it. Kate is not a terrific driver but she tried so hard and enjoyed herself. I see a frozen jeep in our near future.... 

We played for a while, napped and then took off to visit Scott, Holly and Ethan. Our weekends in NWA have to be longer these days because we have so many good friends and family to visit! We stayed the rest of the weekend at the Lar's house and had a blast. We swam, did fireworks, ate really good, and had a fun time being with our friends. 

Brian is the tiki man here-- awesome shirt and tiki drink in hand, I think he was born to play this role. 

I love these sweet girls giving each other hugs. Their love for each other is really my favorite thing. We spent the 4th playing outside and in the pool. We took a trip to the firework stand and bought everything in sight! Emmy hung close to me during the fireworks but loved the glow bracelets and the poppers! 

Kate was our daredevil of the weekend. Following Mr. Scott while doing fireworks and riding on the golf cart like a big girl! I was really so proud of how much she's stepping out. She's always been our very cautious child. 

We rode down to the golf course to watch the fireworks, it was SO FAR past these kiddos bedtime but they did great and really enjoyed the show! I don't think the 4th will be something Kate forgets anytime soon. 

The next morning we were up early and headed back to David's house to visit family before heading to my grandparents house. We really packed a lot into this weekend! 

It did us well to see my grandma. They finally decided to move so it was likely my last time at their house that has meant so much to me over the years. I will miss this place!! I'm so glad our girls got a chance to visit it one last time. 

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