Christmas in NWA

24 March 2024

Another fun Christmas celebration in the books! We went to Wynne the weekend before Christmas for a couple days of family and fun. The girls love extra cousin time and we had a blast packing in lots of fun celebrations! 

The weekend started off with a quick trip to Fresh Market before leaving town. We thankfully planned ahead and decided we needed to stock up for Christmas BEFORE leaving town. We've not be so prepared in the past. 

Hit Fayetteville first-- trip to the bookstore for Brian, the girls and I hit the coffee shop and grabbed a muffin-- for them. We did sushi for lunch and the girls were not fans so we had to pump some kind of food into them :) 

Love this picture! Fun back story-- before Brian and I started dating we hung out once and played sing star. Which I absolutely killed him, until he unplugged my mic. He was living in Fayetteville at the time so he challenged me to a redo You Know Uno (behind the girls). We never met up there but still figured I would snap a pic of our girls in front of this spot! 

On to Nana and Papaws and the kids got to see the fun lights--paired with music-- around the corner! 

And the parents had a night out! This place was in a basement and really neat-- but no room so we left. And we're old. Not here to stand :) 

And then we had "Christmas morning" and all the kids had the best time ever! Turned the garage into a scooter place :) 

My babies! <3

So happy she got her "hair salon." Which I thought was the hair salon. Turns out this is the chair that goes with the larger hair salon, that she didn't accurately describe to Santa.... always next year! 


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