Central Cheer Clinic

29 March 2024

The Central High cheer clinic is a HUGE hit for Kate! She did it last year and loved it so much! Emmy joined this year and was super indifferent about the entire thing. She went through with it but kind of just stood there. The most exciting thing to her was the juice they gave her after... at almost 7pm. :) 

They had a practice a couple weeks prior. Which meant we got like a 2+ hour kid-free morning. I joined a bunch of the other moms for brunch and it was wonderful! 

We came back a little early to watch the kiddos do a run through. Grabbed this shot of Emmy and she looked less than thrilled. 

We also got to see Coach Kate from gymnastics, who our Kate loves so much! 

The night of, I got this sweet pic of Kate and Brian. I will never stop taking this picture when given the opportunity. 

The PreK group! 

Kate, Vivian and Hollis 

Show time! They were so cute. I love that Mrs. Johnson told me that they practiced on the playground all week at school. 

And said juice--that she loved!! And Elsa. Can't wait until next year! 

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