Snow Daze

27 March 2024

Ya'll... I have a love/hate relationship with snow around here. It doesn't melt and we can't drive but school closes even if it's clear and work is always there. It's a super stressful time and then I'm like stir crazy. But anyway, all the negative stuff out-- the kids loved it!! And had a blast. 

It helps having neighbor kids close to play with. Especially since we aren't driving anywhere. 

This I think actually got thrown in to this batch but was actually like a week prior. Look at those smiles! And then Emmy at school. Love her teacher sent me a picture. 

Glad we were prepared with sleds! Lots of sleds. 

The super fun part of kids and snow. 

Poor Emmy. Her bibs were a little short. And the new ones came in the day after it melted. At least maybe we'll be prepared next time. 

I do really love how they tried to sled on basically pavement and a very light dusting. Pure sweet innocent little kiddos. 


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