Christmas at Home 🩷

25 March 2024

I absolutely loved our Christmas at home this year. It was so good and so perfect. The girls had a blast and it was so fun to watch them wake up in their own home on such a special morning. Making new memories! 

We started the morning by making brunch. The girls wanted to drink out of fancy glasses-- so fancy glasses we did. I made little ice cubes for Kate out of cherries since she loves them so. She had "champagne" which was actually ginger ale. Emmy opted for milky in a champagne glass. IYKYK. 

Brian made his wonderful latkes. And they were perfect as always. We were lazy for most of the morning. The girls played until it was time for church. Our church offered so many services this year. We did the afternoon kid-friendly one. And it was quick and... kid-friendly. 

And still had candles :) 

The neighbor kids came over-- actually the kids were back and forth so much! It was so fun to watch how excited they all were! We made reindeer food and got ready for the big night! I think we actually made cookies too for santa now that I see the picture below. Packed them up and took a tin to the Cherry fam. 

Dinner as a family was so fun. It was raining so not the best for grilling but lots of memories made. We made these amazing smashed potatoes, the salad was to die for and them lamb racks. It was absolutely amazingly wonderful. 

Picture by Emmy :) 

Out in the rain to spread the reindeer food. So fun! 

..Twas the night before Christmas :) 

Hello Christmas morning! Emmy got a new bunny and loved it. Loved seeing all the surprise and fun all over their faces. They were also so excited about the gifts they bought us. Which was so precious. 

These sleeping bags were such a hit! They spent the majority of the day dragging them around. Wanting to nap in them and then wanting to sleep with them in their beds. Such a fun and unexpected little reaction. 

The vanity was also a hit! Lots of shared gifts around here since they are into most of the same things. This little makeup art kit was for Kate but turned into an Emmy thing. Then the girls and I carried a lot of the new things downstairs and ended up cuddling, watching a movie, and just talking. It was a really, really great day. 

Already looking forward to next year! XOXO

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