First Day of School 2022

30 August 2022

Our girls went "back to school" last week and for Kate-- she started "real" school! She entered PreK and is LOVING it!! 

The first picture is with her teacher this year and this one was a quick snap before going inside. They have to wear uniforms, which I'm trying to get use to. The lack of color is killlling me. 

Her teacher sent this at the end of the day. Wondering where I can get a pen cup that big :) 

Emily wasn't even entertaining the idea of me snapping a photo. She took off and found her favorite item from the open house. Luckily her teacher grabbed a picture for me later. And she's adorable! 

And then I grabbed some snaps in the front year before leaving. Here's hoping to a fantastic, safe, healthy, wonderfulllll year! XOXO

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