Small Guest Bath Updates

09 October 2018

 This bathroom seemed to have been just updated when we moved in our house. I love the pretty white sink, but if I were doing the renovating, I would have put in something more functional! Call me practical but bathrooms need a little counter top space and a little storage.

The simple fix here would have been to put in a sink with a cabinet. Don't get me wrong, this bathroom is just fine and gets the job done. But I always worry when we have guests that they don't have enough space. 

So I added a few things here and there to help out. The sink has a beveled edge so it's really hard to set anything on it without said thing sliding in to the sink. The first thing I did was hand the hooks next to the light switch. Now our guests have somewhere to hang their towels, clothing or toiletry bag. I also lowered that mirror. The people who lived here before us must have been really tall because I could only see the top of my head before!

Then I added this cute little garden stool. It's actually a lot bigger than it looks and give lots of good space to hold your ish while getting ready, etc. I got the stool online a while back from the Magnolia Market, they offered 3 sizes and all different designs. I can't seem to find it now so it might be sold out. 

I also threw in a basket of towels so our guests didn't have to search around to find a towel. I always feel weird opening things at other peoples house. We do have a small linen closet in this bathroom, which is GREAT!

I'm dying to paint the walls of this bathroom but I haven't quite gotten there. It needs something, a pop here or there. But without going crazy spending money or time, I decided to land on window treatments. I made the valence over the window because it the window was small and tired looking.

 I'm going to do a post on those soon AND the ones in my NOOK. I couldn't decide what to put in the frames on the opposite side so I threw in some fabric scraps from the valence (you might recognize this fabric from HERE). Someday I'll replace it when I decide what to put in the frames. 

The things hanging over the towel bar are SO OLD! They use to be in my parents house like 10 years ago. My mom gave them to me when I moved into my first solo apartment because I had nothing. They have followed me everywhere. They were brown and gold but I painted them to hang in this room. I wanted to keep everything as light as possible here. All of my linens are white for this reason. And they are all Fieldcrest from Target. 

I didn't do a lot to this room. Just tried to incorporate a few small things here and there to make more space and comfort for our friends and family. What you didn't get a glimpse of is the tub... and that's ALL Kate! It looks like the skip hop whale line took over!!! :) 


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