Happy Christmas 2018!

06 January 2019

Go ahead and prepare yourself for a picture overload! This is Kate's 2nd Christmas but 1st where she didn't sleep though the majority of it. And it was so much fun! She's a pro at opening presents and putting on a show. 

We spent this year in El Dorado and had a lot of fun. Everyone was home which made it extra special. Kate had the best time getting so much attention! She has quite the little personality and doesn't mind showing off here and there :) 

I made "Chatbooks" the whole first year of her life. One book per month with alllll pictures of Kate. It's so funny now how she loved to look at them and "read" them with us. We make up stories to go along with each picture and she loves them. After all, the books are her favorite subject-- Kate! 

This girl LOVES bubbles! We got so many cute pictures of Kate playing but this one has to be my favorite. Look at her face! 

Could not keep her out of the presents! She would drag them all over the house and either sit or stand on most! 

Kate loved the park! And it was fun taking her to the park I spent so much time as a kid at. Love this sweet little picture of her following daddy and that sweet little head! OMG I could literally eat her up. 

Loves the slide, loves it most with daddy. 

Might be my favorite picture!! The LIVE photo is even  better. Pure joy! 

Not so sure about this guy. Think I'll cling to daddy.

Christmas Eve service. We always drop Kate in nursery on Sunday mornings so this was her first time to go to actual Church. I was so nervous. We broke into the snacks before the service even started :) 

Need to do a little work on Clark's baby holding skills. 

Christmas morning, in the best mood ever! NOW let me open my presents!!! 

First look at the tree and all the presents. 

Not really sure about this thing. 

PRO at opening presents. 

She got to where she just started taking them and ripping. This was actually one of my presents... half opened before I got to it.  

OH WOW. I took a video of this too. It was oh wow after oh wow... for a solid minute. 

Her last present but best technique. It seriously took her 5 minutes or longer to open this gift. 

Oh wow! A work bench from Uncle Josh and Aunt Lauren!! 

Helping Grandma make breakfast :) 

We ended up heading home later in the day on Christmas. We took a walk down our street once we got home in Kate's new bike/stroller. She loved it! And it was so fun watching all the kids on our street out playing with their toys. Reminded me of Christmas Day when I was growing up. 

We had such a fun, memorable Christmas and I can only imagine-- the best is yet to come. 

Lots of love- XOXO. 

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