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09 August 2018

The majority of our house had been updated when we moved in. It was built in 1953 so you can imagine that it was time. Our house appears to be one story when looking at it from the street. But it's on a hill and has a walkout basement. So when I say upstairs people think it's weird that our kitchen is on the second floor, but it's actually the main level. 

All this to say, the main level (the upstairs) has been fully updated. Refinished hardwoods, two renovated bathrooms, paint, new kitchen, everything. But then there's this door that leads to the downstairs. When we bought the house, those stairs were covered in the most hideous carpet you have ever seen. The first weekend after we moved in, we ripped it all up to find beautiful hardwood floors. You can read about that HERE.

The only other things that needed some work downstairs were the bathroom and the guest bedroom. The 4th bedroom had the same hideous carpet that covered the stairs. Last summer, Brian ripped that up and solved that problem. I'll have to blog that reno soon. I love that bedroom and it's the perfect nap spot on the weekends :) 

That left the bathroom. For a solid year in a half I didn't touch it at all. It had a shower curtain and I put a couple little things on the walls but it was ugly. I didn't know what to do other than gut the whole thing and start over. But at the same time, I didn't really want to do that. 

The tile is kind of retro and it isn't horrible. I DID grow up in a house with much loader tile than this and I thought it was cool. So why am I dogging on blue tile in our bathroom? And that cheap ugly floor.. don't even get me started on that. 

So one day I got an email from Target and it had the picture below in it. If you know me, you know these are like my colors! 

Image result for Woven Stripe Shower Curtain White - Threshold

So I knew I couldn't make my bathroom look like this but I figured I could do some small updates and decorating to make it at least look refreshed and make me not hate it SO much. I immediately ordered the shower curtain, blue towels, and white/pink towels from Target. 

Let's talk about the light in here. It's not great. And it looks even worse following that beautiful, light, bright pretty picture above. So don't judge my photos :) A light fixture is on my list of things to replace in here but it's also doing it's job soooooo it's kind of low priority. 

I had this set of prints already from TARGET and they really needed a home. They went perfect in the bathroom. 

I really didn't like this wall. It has this old school vent and a light switch so it limited my options for hanging things. I searched on pinterest for ideas and found a shelf similar to this. I found the one pictured on AMAZON. It was horribly difficult to put together. You've been warned. 

I tried to use toilet paper to decorate, a new low for me. I just really want to take away from that fan! The "J" and candle beside it I had in "decor storage." I added some sample products for our guests, a succulent for some green and the little cotton ball holder came from the Target dollar section. 

Here's another before and after shot of the ugly wall. There were already 2 holes in the wall, that's why those pictures are hanging in such crazy locations on the left. 

So there you have it. It's not perfect. I still hate that floor. I have grand ideas of how I would redo it if I ever do but for the time being, this works. It gave it some new life and color! and I can definitely live with it... until Target sends me a new email with a new theme bathroom that I obsess over. 

Damn you Target!!!!!! 

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