Kate - Month 11

11 October 2018

Hello month when you finally started sleeping through the night! If I had to read one more post from people with 3 months old talking about how their babies slept 11 hours a night... I might have puked. But my sweet, sweet, cuddly, lovable baby finally did it on her own!! 

You are seriously so fun! You do something new every single day and you make us laugh so hard. Looking back at pictures from this month, I feel like you spent the whole month in only a diaper. 

You finally busted out of the baby tub. I'm still not sure why we waiting so long. But you had no more room! You love the freedom of the big tub. You start at one end and wind up at the other 2 seconds later. You love bath toys and eating bubbles. 

You had a play date with Braylee this month. I love this sweet picture of you two. That hand on her thigh gives me all the heart eyes. 

This is probably your favorite thing to do. Sit in front of "your cabinet" and pull everything out. Item by item. Sometimes you dump the whole bucket and it looks like a tornado came through our kitchen. 

You are now officially obsessed with the dishwasher. It doesn't matter where you are in the room, when we open it, you come crawling so fast and HAVE to get inside. 

Such a big help to dad :) 

You had your last day in Room 108. It was a sad day for mama! We love all your little buddies that we've come to know and love since December. We tried to get a class photo but it was lunch time. I wasn't about to start snatching bottles... so this is the best we got! Just looking back at this picture makes me miss these sweet babies! 

Also this month-- you discovered throwing food on the floor. It's especially fun when you do your little grunt with it.. sometimes you try to sneak the food on the floor. Your so cute and silly that I can't really be mad at you! 

You love to climb! Climbing the stairs is SO. MUCH. FUN. Also fun, climbing on top of every single chair you can find and doing crazy things that make mama's hair turn (even more) gray. 

And then there is this... OMG. I would watch you sleep all day if I could. So sweet. So stinkin sweet. 

We took our first vacation with you this month, which I blogged last month :) You were so good! But then again, you're always good. Hand, foot and mouth took out the majority of your class this month, including you. You were a trooper and remained so happy through it all. Speaking of school, you got your first bite report this month. Don't worry, you were the bite(r) but the bite(e). 

You are so busy now days and you have SO MUCH personality. Watching you grow and learn is my favorite. We love you more than you will ever know! You make our lives so happy. Love you baby girl! XOXO

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