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08 October 2018

I've seen these really neat kid pictures all over the internet. It looks like people have just taken the background out, blown up the picture and framed it. Couldn't be that hard, right??

So one day I tried it. I love this picture of Kate taken at the beach. But it had a lot going on in the background... so I figured it was the perfect one to try! 


I eliminated the background, cropped and figured I was good to go. So I uploaded the picture to Office Depot's website, selected "Engineers Print," which turned it black and white (and was only $1.65 to print) and printed. 

When I picked it up, I realized quickly that my proportions were wrong and now my kids hands looked really funny just floating around. BACK to the drawing board. 

Oh yeah, I did this all on a website called Clipping Magic.  You might be fancy and already have software but I didn't. And I'm just going to warn you, I thought this site was free. I spent a LONG time cropping and making this perfect. Then I figured out it wasn't free. So I paid the $3.99 monthly fee and I cropped a whole lot more during that month. Then CANCEL! It's worth it though. The site was very easy to use and I love my little picture. 

Okay- back to my story. So I clipped again, this time making sure not to crop too! 

I made two versions because I wasn't quote sure how I wanted to situate her in the frame. 

This time I got an email from Easy Canvas Prints for a free 16x20 canvas. OK! So I went to make the photo black and white and somehow I landed on this filter where it's mostly black and white-ish but you can see a little pop of her pink bow and name on dress. 

I bought an open frame (half-off) at Hobby Lobby, popped the canvas in the frame and called it a day. It replaced a wedding picture of me and Brian. I like it so much more now because it's right outside Kate's room and she loves to grab herself and we come and go. 

It also covers up a light switch that someone put in a really strange location! Thanks, guys! 

So moral of this story is-- you can do this really cheap! It cost me $1.65 on the failed attempt print and $14.99 for a frame. The canvas was free! Try it :) 

And I'll leave you with one of the other photos I tried.. because I love that face! 

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