Kate turns 1!!!

06 October 2018

Kate Johnston is ONE!! I can't believe my baby girl is growing so fast! 

We had her party last month, the day before her actual birthday and it was so fun! We are so thankful to all our friends and family members who made it such a special day. 

I wrote one post and talked about the banner I made for Kate's party. I went loosely with a Peter Rabbit theme. I bought the invites from Etsy and they were so adorable! I found a few more adorable things on Etsy that I bought too. Like the banner below. I loved the idea of recapping her first year in photos. I just never thought of a good place to put it before ordering. Oops! 

Love these adorable cookies for our girl, made by Selby Cakes.  

 I also made this little sign. And my sister put together some beautiful flower arrangements! 

I bought a gold balloon from Hobby Lobby for the porch. When I went to have it blown up, Kroger said they charge the same to use theirs or mine AND they had rose gold! I'm so glad I went with theirs. It's so pretty! 

 These have to be my favorite thing of the day. I love the little Kate heads on all the cupcakes. It was so fun picking funny pictures of her and making these. 

I also made this sign. I'm so happy with how it turned out! I found so many online that I liked but didn't love. So I took a stab at making my own. And I got just want I wanted. I waited until the day before to send it to the printer because Kate's top teeth were like SO CLOSE to coming in. Here we are weeks later and they are still SO CLOSE to coming in. 

 Kate had such a good time playing with her friends! It's so fun to watch her interact with other kids. I love this sweet picture of her and Ellis. She laid her head on his shoulder, then he laid his head on hers. It seriously is the sweetest thing, EVER. 

 Mom, you're telling me ALL of this is for ME?! What?!

Oh my, she loves these little books! They are so adorable.  

And we rock every. single. day. 

Brian and I got Kate a little play kitchen for her birthday. I love watching her "cook." This is seriously, the best thing I've ever bought her.  I'll be back really soon with my hack of this IKEA kitchen. :) 

Another super awesome IKEA find, this little kid table. It's so fun! And I have big plans for it. This picture was on Kate's actual birthday. So I didn't make her take her feet off the table.. because on your birthday, anything goes!!! 

What a fun couple of days... that we won't soon forget. She's such a joy and we love celebrating Kate, whenever we can!! XOXO

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