Peter Rabbit Banner

04 October 2018

Kate turned ONE last month! We hosted a Peter Rabbit themed party for her.. let me say the theme was "lose." I didn't go all out PR everything but I had some touches here and there. 

I loved the idea of a banner but didn't really want to pay a lot for a design of one on Etsy and then have to print and prepare it myself. So I figured I would just make one! 

I found a cute pink gingham background online, dropped it into a publisher file, found lots of good free PR clip art, dropped them in, downloaded a fun font, typed my letters and DONE! I use a hole punch to make the holes at the top and cut each letter in a "V" to add a little something extra. I printed the banner on thick card stock and I'm pretty proud of how it turned out. Plus, I save some dolllas! 

I uploaded my template to my google drive, feel free to download and make yourself. You can download by CLICKING HERE

Enjoy :) XOXO

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