Happy Labor Day!

03 October 2018

I'm just a touch late in posting about Labor Day! But here I am so happy belated :)

We spent the holiday at Lake DeGray and had a really great, relaxing time. My mom had an hand-me-down kitchen from my Aunt Lindy, so I suggested she should bring it to the lake house for Kate to play with. I'm so glad we did! She loved it! LOVED it. And it made me even more glad that I bought her one for her upcoming birthday.

Brian smoked a pork butt during the day. He threw it on before we left for the lake, then we went to relax at the lake all day. It was nice spending the day with Brian and the pretty lake!  

But back to the kitchen, this thing was so fun! We didn't realize until she had been playing with it for like an hour-- it collapses and is her height!  These pictures were taken before we realized this :) 

She was so curious about everything. She basically would stick her whole head in the cabinets to look for stuff. And she loved that little blender. Once she figured out how to press the button, which also makes lots of noise, it was over. She would HOLD her finger on the button for like a minute. 

And back at the lake, Brian and I found this hat on the boat. We felt it was appropriate for him to wear for the day :)  

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