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19 February 2015

I can't believe I'm finally blogging about something that I have worked on for so long! I have been looking for a china cabinet for our dining room since last May! I finally found one right before our wedding, decided I needed a matching buffet and the search continued... OH, and I made those fabulous curtains, YEAH, handmade! (More on that after the jump)

Do I want to redo an older piece? Buy one that matches? Legs? No legs? The opportunities are endless and I'm indecisive. I'm the type of person who buys something because I want it and I'm impatient. I am so happy I didn't do that this time! I've searched craigslist every single day for 6 months. I've "liked" almost every flea market in the central Arkansas area (and some NWA ones too!), we've searched antique stores in NEA, south Arkansas, Hot Springs, everywhere you can think of! I even joined all those online garage sale pages on facebook... I'm telling you, I was desperate to find something.

I've heard from lots of friends that the Beebe/Cabot/Searcy area is good for antiques. So I did a google search one Friday, scanned facebook pages for the places I found and spotted this buffet! The following Saturday I made my first trip to Cabot. This buffet was HUGE! I couldn't pull the trigger because I was afraid it would swallow our dining room. But I loved it and it was perfect!! 

Came home, measured, called, got a great price... planned to go back on Sunday. Got sick. The next weekend my friend Shana went with me for a second opinion, we both were in love! So we got it, they loaded it up in the back of my car and we welcomed this lovely buffet to Beverly.

All this time planning to buy a buffet you think I would have the decorations ready. NO. It took me forever to figure out where I was going with it. I've mentioned before I hate the yellow of our walls, each room has a different shade yellow. I've also said we have poor light in the house. A month prior, I switched out the little lampshades on our chandelier from black to linen. That's helped a lot but it's still pretty dim. All of our furniture is dark wood so I wanted to make a bright, bold statement with the windows and make sure everything I decorated the room with was light and springy. I'm still hunting for the perfect arrangement of preserved eucalyptus, until then... I'm settling for half price fake eucalyptus from Hobby Lobby. 

Isn't this buffet beautiful? They told me it's from France. I don't know if I believe that... but it's still perfect :) The mirror is resting on the buffet. Ideally I would want to hang it on the wall, except it was hanging and fell one evening. It scared us to death! Shockingly, it didn't break even though it landed face down! Eeek! 

Another down side of being renters, there are lots of holes left in this wall from renters past. I filled them all but don't have paint to cover over the white. Therefore, the mirror is standing vertically. 

Closer look of buffet.. so much wonderful storage! And I love these wedding gift candle holders.

Fake HobLob.. just don't get close! Suggestions of great preserved eucalyptus... let me know! 

So I took pictures a couple days after Valentine's Day... what pretty flowers. And those curtains, I'm in love!! 

Love our Duncan Phyfe China Cabinet. We found this at a flea market in Forrest City.. I told you, we looked everywhere!! 

I can't seem to get a great photo of my fabulous curtains, made by yours truly! If I shut the blinds, there's not enough light. If I leave them open, too much! I did end up lining them in the end and I'm glad I did. The light is so strong in the afternoons they would look horrible unlined. 

I ordered this fabric online, they also have it at Hancock Fabrics. It's called "Colonial Williamsburg."  

Didn't you want a photo from every angle? Yes, good.. you got it! 

An artist in El Dorado gifted us the print in the background.Yes, I know it doesn't go with the new curtains but the print was there first... so I'm leaving it. Underneath, you can barely see... that's Brian's dining room handy work. The bar cart! We bought it from Target (HERE) and I added this fancy (HERE) steam-ware holder on the bottom so we would have a little storage for some of our wine and martini glasses. 

So there you have it.. a dining room tour. I still have some tweaks to do and somethings I'd like to work on. I'll never be happy that the chandelier doesn't hang over the center of the table, I tried for a long time to make it work but it just doesn't. I'm trying to just ignore it! I'd like to find a great wooden drapery rod to hang the curtains on, I love those big, round wooden curtain rings. I've been looking but haven't turned up anything yet. I'll be sure to keep you posted as the room and decorations change. Maybe I can get some good pictures of the bar cart in action.

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