Baby Food Meal Prep

01 August 2018

I never really had that much of a desire to make baby food. Purees really. I work five days a week and the thought of steaming, blending, cooling, packaging, etc, etc didn't appeal to me. So I bought food and then I felt bad. And then I researched said purchased food and realized it wasn't that great. And then I felt worse. AND then I researched and found good options and then I didn't feel bad at all. 

So one day I'm at Kate's school, visiting on my lunch hour and realize one of the kids, not much older than her, is picking up ground turkey and lima beans and eating them. But I'm sending purees every single day? But I'm pulling off food from my own at home and giving it to her? And then I'm LIKE HOLY CRAP I NEED TO BE GIVING MY KID MORE FINGER FOODS.

So I get on pinterest and look for food ideas. How did that mom cook and serve the turkey? The beans? What did she do?? I find nothing. NOTHING. N.o.t.h.i.n.g. 

So I browned some turkey and steamed some frozen veggies. I threw them in my handy dandy food storage containers that I love from Amazon. 

And you know what? She loved it. She still does. I switch it up with ground turkey, ground chicken, chicken breasts. Veggie mix here, veggie mix there. I throw in all sorts of seasoning because I will not have a picky eater!!! And you know what else? It's really freakin easy. Don't tell me purees were this easy. Don't want to know or hear it. But this.. this I can do. 

And I can't believe my kid likes peas... because mom and dad sure don't! 

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