Living Room Update

31 July 2018

I posted out living room about 6/7 months after we moved into our (new) home. Can I still call it new? We've almost been here for 2 years- which is crazy! But today I'm back with an update! 

 Not long after I posted the room, Brian suggested looking for a new rug. We never really loved the one we had in there before. You can see the POST HERE. Not a lot has changed, a few pillows here and there, a new side table, moving around lamps, etc. New flowers. The biggest and best change is the rug.

The last one was just too blah. It was so soft.. so we moved it downstairs to the guest room. But we wanted something with some character and pattern for this room. 

Ignore the bumpers on the sides of our very dangerous and highly not baby friendly coffee table. I refuse to let it go. So we're using it as teaching moments for Kate... this is what NO means. 

I found our rug online while I was shopping for a rug for Kate's room. We ended up ordering 2 massive rugs within like 3 days of each other. I ended up finding the winner for this room on the RUGSUSA website. 

We've been pleased with it and I think it adds a lot more to the room. Not really to the pictures but more in person ;) 

Oh and also-- don't judge my flowers. They were in their last days. So I rushed to photograph everything :) We generally have fresh flowers on the nook table or coffee table, these were left over from Kate's baptism and our house was so pretty! 

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