Johnston Family Takes the Beach

28 August 2018

Raise your hand if you love the beach! My hand is raised, even though you can't see me... or my hand. 

Pictures of babies on the beach are really adorable... I had no idea how many things a baby on the beach would require! And just went you get that fancy tent set up and the pool filled-- it's time for a nap! Or baby wants to be held. Or baby needs food. But it was so much fun watching our sweet babe figure out all the sand, sun and water :)

We broke the trip up and left Friday after work, spent the night in Jackson and then kept going. We thought this would help with Kate's sleeping schedule. It really didn't do a whole lot of good ;)

Said tent, said pool, said adorable baby. 

Snack on snacks on snacks on SNACKS! 

Hello pretty baby!! I love her little kitty suit. And that little crinkle nose smile. 

Figuring out the sand was fun. She liked it and then she didn't. She'd be sure to let you know by just pulling up her feet. 

Uncle David and Kate... love this picture! 

I mean... COME ON. 

Those lashes! Those lips. Please tell me it's normal to be this obsessed with your baby??

If she could get any closer to me.. I think she would. These are the days <3

And then we made the whole 9 hour drive home, non stop.Well I mean.. outside of a couple short stops. And we did just fine!! And I did my best entertaining ever!! Until next time. XOXO 

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