Emily's 5th Birthday Party!

30 June 2024

We had Emily's birthday party last month and she had so much fun! And we loved celebrating our girl with all her friends. She wanted an american girl doll birthday party but I finally talked her into Barbie instead. Which was much easier! I swear she ran the entire time and had the very best day! 

I had the girls little shirts made with their names in the barbie font but the ones above won them both over! She found these glasses a couple days before her party and just had to have them. Adorable! Then refused to wear them to her party or on her actual birthday. Which is a very confusing thing for an almost five year old. Why is her birthday party two weeks early and when are we giving her presents?! VERY confusing! 

She did get some presents from family the day of the party, which helped! 

Before I get into the actual party, I always struggle with party favors! Our girls love these little drawing pads. One day I got an ad for a six pack and knew that was the ticket. Hopefully they were used and loved by all. I really ended up loving how they came together. 

Most of the party squad! 

Always gets fun when daddy joins! 

I got pushed in by someone and can say.. it's much harder to get out than it looks! 

Got the cake and cupcakes from Edwards this year. Super impressed with their decorating! I just said pink and the theme is Barbie. 


We ended the day by joining the Halls for Lucy's 1st birthday party! May is such a fun and busy month. XOXO


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