Bowling with the Caldwell Family

25 June 2024

We had such a fun time bowling with the Caldwell family last month! I always love getting these kiddos together. It's so fun to see some of our best friends and all of our kids become little friends. Gosh, so many memories and we're just carrying it on with them too!! 

We met the Caldwell's for bowling at Professor Bowl. Glad we made that decision because it started raining right as we got there. The place was packed and I think maybe like five birthday parties happening at the same time! It was a wild day. 

The kids actually did a really good job. They knew who was next and kept up with when to roll the ball. I think the adults were the only ones to bowl at the wrong time! 

Telling daddy how it's done. 

After bowling we hit the arcade. Which I think was the hit of the day.. and the most chaotic. These kids had so much fun together and I loved watching them all play and bond together. 

Finished up the day with receiving a birthday gift from Erin. These fun coasters are so perfect for me!! Can't wait until our next hang! XOXO


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