TOTAL Solar Eclipse 2024

22 June 2024

I feel like we have heard about this eclipse for like 4 years and now after witnessing total darkness, I have to say.. it was pretty awesome. And I will remember this image above for like, ever. Brian and the girls did this for a solid hour before it really started to happen. And Kate would yell, "it's happening!!" over and over and over again. The excitement was so hilarious. And the fact that school let out for this is still pretty wild. 

We joined neighbors in the cul-de-sac and watched for a couple hours. The amount of glasses we went through with the kids was hilarious. Luckily we had plenty to go around! 

The Cherry kids made this in the middle of the road, they watched for a very long time! 

Getting close... more "IT'S HAPPENING!!!"

And then it actually happened and was so neat! We were in 100% darkness. I actually set up my ipad and did a timelapse, it's pretty awesome. 

What a fun little thing. Now I'm actually excited for the next one. And I added Emmy's school art in this post cause it's just too cute. XOXO


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