Trip to Wye Mountain

23 June 2024

Year number two at the Wye Mountain Daffodil festival. The weather was 100x better this year but y'all.. you couldn't pick them! Which is what we loved so much about this place!! We made the best of it, took some pretty pics then went back to town and chowed down on Mexican food! 

Love these sweet little girls! And even more with these pretty flowers surrounding them. 

The little sisters! 

I think the highlight of the day was the robot at Santo Coyote that delivered the food. Haha the girls loved it and danced to the music every time it came around. 

Things were wild! I think we ran everyone off that sat close to us. And somehow we were there forever. The natives were so restless but very entertaining. 

And then we had kids on the floor and decided it was time to go! 

Nora Grace was very into the history of the Titanic, she brought her book and everyone got a history lesson. HAHA which brought SO many questions. Love these friends!! XOXO


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