Weekend in Wynne + Memphis Zoo

04 March 2022

We went to Wynne last month for Brain's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary! I was talking to a friend the day before and she just threw out the idea of us coming a day early and hitting the Memphis Zoo-- so we did! And I'm so glad we did. I hate COVID and I hate how it's kept us from really living and enjoying our friends-- and our friends kids! So it was wonderful and so great to spend time with our friends again. 

We went to Wynne on Saturday night. Emily and Kate had the best time with the new train set-- it even blew smoke! I love Emmy standing over the track. She's so obsessed with trains! .. and pajamas and princess socks! Haha. 

The next morning we hit the Memphis Zoo-- it was SO PACKED. We got there when it opened and I thought we had to wait a long time, by the time we left the lines had quadrupled. Wild! 

The girls at the sealion show-- which was kind of no eventful. 

Sweet hand holding!! 

Emily got tired and stood/laid down on the backside of the stroller. Still super confused how this was even slightly comfortable. 

I love all these wagon pictures! These kiddos are so cute. 

This one is my fav! Emily wanted in but there wasn't room so she sat on the ice chest and was not backing down when we tried to tell her it wasn't safe. Queen of the world! 

Now it's Kate's turn for a "nap." Haha. Different approach, probably more comfy. 

So we left the zoo and headed to Wynne for Brian's grandparents 65th wedding anniversary party. The girls were both asleep before we hit the interstate. They were in great moods and ready to chow down on cake when we arrived. Nene was so surprised to see us and the girls (especially) so it made the trip all perfect. 

Love these sweet little cake lovers so much! And love fun trips to see our friends and family. Peace out COVID! 

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