My Day in a Blackhawk

17 December 2022

A couple weeks ago, we were invited out to the Dept of Military for a fun ride in a blackhawk! It was really neat and I put together this fun video if you want to CHECK IT OUT. Keep going for the rest of the pictures. 

I'm so glad the guy who helped me in my seat--because these seatbelts were super hard! snapped this picture for me. It was such a cool ride. The helicopter we rode in is below. I had never been in any kind of helicopter so it was all new for me. I was surprised that we taxied. 

This was out highway 10. We started at Camp Robinson and flew down 430 to 630 and around the captiol and then back down to pinnacle mountain. 

Supreme Court with Capitol and my office behind it. 

We flew with another helicopter, kind of neat looking over at them. 

River view here ^

Over near pinnacle... so pretty over here! There were actually people on top of pinnacle here that waved! Really awesome flight! So glad we got this opportunity! 

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