Kate is FIVE!

04 December 2022

Kate had a really wonderful birthday celebration back in September! That's how far I am behind here :) oops. We explored a million different options for birthday parties and still somehow ended up at home. It turned out so perfect and she had the sweetest day. 

We figured we would just rent a big huge bounce house with slide but the day before that fell apart. The question was never asked or raised on backyard access so they company canceled and said they couldn't deliver to our backyard. Cue frantic calls. I ended up finding another guy who I wasn't sure would actually really show. Spoiler, he did. And I booked a girl to do face painting. I didn't mean to do both, it happened and ended up being perfect! 

I tried balloon garlands for the first time and I'm super proud how they turned out! I popped a fair amount of the people balloons on accident. Whoops! 

The line for face painting was the main event! 

She's so sweet! 

Kate with her friend Isabelle 

Then it was cake time. Love this picture. Emmy looks so serious with her computer. The cake came from Sams this year and it was great! A two tier for $40! I couldn't believe it. They actually got my colors wrong so we got it for half off. Brian said it tasted amazing and I don't think we'll ever go back to anything else. 

So thankful for Allyson-- she always captures the moment! Love it! 

Kate and Dax

Kate and Nora Grace

We didn't plan on opening presents and then it happened and was a free for all. THANK YOU to everyone who got us anything!!! 

 Kate and Andrew

Sweet face painted friends :) 

We recreated a picture from Kate's 2nd birthday party of these girls! Love it! 

Uncle Steve bringing a cool Dolly shirt. She loves this! Peace, love and Dolly!

Cousins doing some art outside

After everyone left, we spent the rest of the evening outside, playing. Kate loved showing off some of her presents--jewelry and heels! 

Her actual birthday was a few days later. Emily helped me decorate and Kate loved waking up to presents and fun! 

Her presents from Uncle Steve and Aunt Laura and Emmy gave her the costume! 

Always a birthday trip to Shipley's to pick out donuts, followed my Emmy messy face! 

That night we gave Kate an option of dinner-- anywhere in Little Rock. She picked her favorite, The Rose! "The best grilled cheese in Little Rock!"

We loved celebrating our big girl. She's so easy to love. Birthday's are so fun and really show us how many people love this girl and our family. It's amazing and makes my heart so full. XOXO

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