Kate's First Field Trip

10 December 2022

Kate took her first field trip in October and parents got to join! It was so fun to watch her with all her little friends. And it was precious to see 200 little kiddos all running around having so much fun! 

Each class wore a different shirt color which really worked out so good when trying to find drifters. It was a lot of fun! 

Love that this girl even wore her pearls to the patch! 

They all got to pick out their own pumpkin and take it home. What a perfect little fall trip. We had actually just been to the same patch the week prior. She loved this trip and I loved watching her in her school element. 

She rode the bus for the first time. I love that you can't see her hands here because she actually told me that it was kind of scary because there are no seatbelts.. I just tucked me hands in the back and held on real tight! Yes baby girl, you did! 

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