Thanksgiving 2022

15 December 2022

We traveled to Calico Rock for Thanksgiving this year. Had a great time with family and enjoyed the beautiful views this house had to offer! Brian's uncle has a house here and so graciously invited us to join. Can't believe that I've been in this family for 11 years and just made it here! 

Dinner with the crew and lots of play time for cousins. These kiddos had so much fun together! 

Thanksgiving lunch. Emmy and I tapped out and took a super long nap while Kate went to have fun with the crew. 

It rained the entire day on Thanksgiving but we were able to grab some pics before we headed home the next day. Love this one of Kate and that silly Uncle Steve! 

We ended the weekend by putting up the kiddos Christmas tree, which they helped with and loved! Doing lots of shopping and just spending time together. XOXO

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